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Ever wonder what are the responsibilities of the various chapter committees? Ever thought about participating as a committee member? Or want to attend a committee meeting to hear about or contribute to a particular issue?

In addition to periodic meetings they may have throughout the year, all committees with business to conduct will hold open meetings at each of the quarterly chapter meetings between 10am and 12pm. Anyone wanting to discuss an issue, speak to an agenda item or listen to the topics being discussed are encouraged to attend. You can also contact a committee chair to add a topic to a committee agenda. Agenda’s will be published on the ohioapco.orgwebsite in advance of each chapter meeting.

Executive Committee (Fully Staffed)
President Davidson – Chair

There shall be an Executive Committee of Ohio-APCO. It shall consist of at least all Elected Officers, the immediate Past-President, one additional Past-President, the AFC Local Advisor, Chapter Commercial Advisor, and the Chapter’s Executive Council Delegate

Awards & Scholarship Committee (Openings)

The Awards and Scholarship Committee shall create a scholarship program and submit a proposal for review by the Executive Committee and approval by the Chapter quorum. Once a scholarship program is established, the committee shall annually solicit candidates, and execute the criteria assessment and selection process for those scholarships that the Chapter has approved to be awarded. The Awards and Scholarship Committee will solicit nominees and participate in the selection of established “of the year” awards. At their discretion they may propose additional award categories for consideration of the Chapter Executive Committee. This committee should review criteria for all scholarships and awards on a regular basis.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee (Openings)

Lydia Frey – Chair

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall study matters affecting the Constitution and Bylaws of this Chapter. It shall report and make recommendations on proposed amendments before such proposals are acted upon by the membership. It shall study and research for the purpose of improving the Constitution and Bylaws and make recommendations thereon. It shall be responsible for developing proposed changes to the Association Constitution and Bylaws and its form

Legislative Committee (Fully Staffed)

Jay Somerville – Chair

The Legislative Committee shall monitor proposed legislative initiatives and other legislative activities for items that may impact emergency communications and develop strategies and make recommendations to the Chapter regarding an official position against or in support of the initiative or activity. At the direction of the Executive Board, this committee may work with a professional lobbyist on legislative matters, including taking a position on behalf of the membership.

Training Committee (Openings)

Matt Hanenkrath – Chair 

The Training Committee shall study, research and make recommendations and proposals to the Chapter on training opportunities available and recommend training to be presented by the Chapter. The chair of this committee is responsible for structuring, scheduling and facilitating the training. They shall submit the curriculum, budget, final report and audit to the Chapter Executive Board for approval. A final audit and report shall be submitted no later than three months after the conclusion of the training class to the Chapter Executive Board.

Conference & Awards Committee (Openings)

Rose Chambers – Chair

The Conference and Awards Committee shall be responsible for coordinating the bi-annual State conference and shall plan the yearly awards luncheon or banquet and presentation. A final audit/report of conferences and/or awards luncheons will be presented to the Chapter Executive Board no later than three months after the conclusion of the event.

Nominating Committee (Fully Staffed)

Jay Somerville – Chair

The Nominating Committee shall consist of no less than three (3) nor more than five (5) Past Presidents of this Chapter who shall be appointed by the President during the meeting prior to presentation of nominees. The committee shall report a slate of nominees for Office at the regularly scheduled meeting held in February. Additional nominations may be made from the floor by any member of the Quorum at the same meeting.

Frequency Advisory Committee

Bob Bill – Chair

The Chapter Bylaws establishes the Frequency Advisory Committee and designates the APCO Local Frequency Advisor as its chair. The President and Chair shall solicit and appoint members with interest in and understanding of FCC licensing, radio systems technology, interoperability issues, and ??

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