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Tomorrow (09/20) at 5pm is the deadline to submit comments to the Department of Labor letting them know telecommunicators should be classified as a “protective service” For details, CLICK HERE!

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APCO EMD Program Workshops in Ohio

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Training for HB110

Over the past few weeks, several of you have received information from various groups about the need for telecommunicator training to comply with the provisions of HB110. That bill takes effect September 13th and addresses issues related to the reporting of overdoses to public safety officials. In the bill, ORC 128.04 was revised to direct that telecommunicators do the following:

The legislature made no provision to provide training or funding for training of telecommunicators. ORC 4742.03 was referred to ONLY to provide a definition of “telecommunicator”. This reference was problematic as the training provided under that section has not been funded over the past 10 years, was never mandatory and such certifications are no longer issued.

Ohio APCO attempted to have this provision removed, but only was successful in getting the “requirement to advise” amended to ¬†an “advise when asked” provision.

In the absence of other direction from the State of Ohio, Ohio APCO is recommending agencies, in consultation with their local prosecutor or law director, create an in-service training and associated policy for all of their telecommunicators to:

  1. make them aware of the new law;
  2. ensure they understand the requirement to notify, WHEN ASKED BY A CALLER, that there is immunity from prosecution for a minor drug offense up to two times in their life when reporting an apparent drug overdose;
  3. provide them a scripted statement they can use when relaying this information to callers.
If you have any questions, please contact Legislative Liaison Jay Somerville or Training Committee Chair Matt Hanenkrath.

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